Darling's Treat Patisserie

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I used to have a part-time job in Balmain while I was at uni and it was here that I discovered the profiterole stack and the Nutella pizza.

It's been a while since Darling's Treat Patisserie has sold profiterole stacks as a matter of course. Nowadays, they only make them to order. Which is a bit of problem for someone as organisationally-challenged as I am. After about two years of planning to order, I finally did it and picked up my stash this morning.

But before I knew it, Rob wanted morning tea so we all sat down for a little snack and I went home with my dessert box a little lighter. That's right - I ate one on the spot.

It was oh, so very good. But to be honest, not as wonderful as I remembered it. The old profiterole stacks were drenched in soft chocolate, whereas my ordered batch were drenched with cream. I did mention this to the lady at the counter but I was quick to add that it was still very yummy.

It probably just means that it will be some time before I risk buying another one again.

Profiterole stack - $4.50 (order the day before, minimum 2)

Darling's Treat Patisserie
355 Darling St, Balmain
02 981 2301

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