Let's do lunch - Wharf Restaurant

Monday, October 30, 2006

I'd been to the The Wharf Restaurant before so when Wandergurl mentioned her beef lust, we agreed to - ahem - do lunch during StuVac.

There's something so utterly delightful about dining at the Wharf Restaurant. It manages to feel casual yet elegant and the view is just gorgeous. Wandergurl and I were given the best table on the balcony, right at the corner. So we had a view of the Bridge on one side, and a lush view of the water on the other. With the sun out, it was the perfect setting for a long lunch...until the breeze picked up. Still, a little shivering was a small price to pay for some fresh air and the chance to have a sticky beak at the Bridge climbers.

Since Wandergurl hadn't had breakfast, we ordered a starter:

Chicken liver paté with with caper berries and balsamic dressing
Although I can tolerate it, I'm not a big paté lover. So when the dish came out with a kick-ass piece, I knew most of it would be wasted on me. Good thing Wandergurl acquitted us well. The accompanying crispbread was very addictive. It took a while to get through the entire plate, though, which made lunch a very long affair indeed.

For some reason, when we read the GFM blurb on the dish:
Braised wagyu with potato-leek gratin
we imagined a lovely, warm steak above a bed of thin potato slices. So I have to admit to being slightly disappointed to find a kind of stew with potatoes and a large, luscious mushroom. I was really, really craving a steak!

Let's do lunch @ Wharf Restaurant - $35

As the dishes were placed in front of us, I turned to Wandergurl and said, "It kind of smells like adobo."

After a few bites, she said thoughfully, "I'm sure I've had this before. What is it?"

So after a few twists of the pepper mill, I took a bite and announced, "It's caldereta!"

And to be honest, my Mum makes better caldereta. Don't get me wrong, the meat was absolutely tender but I kind of find it a waste of good wagyu beef to put it in a stew. After all, a couple of hours in a pressure cooker and any cheap meat is going to come out pretty tender, too. Wagyu that isn't steak seems a waste, to me.

There was also a lot of meat and the vegetables didn't provide enough of a contrast. The potates were bland and the mushroom, although soft and tender, couldn't really add a kick to the dish. Some carrots and extra flavours would have helped a lot.

"Would it be crass," Wandergurl asked quietly, "if I asked for fish sauce?" Hehe. Patis, the Filipino ketchup. :-)

So while the dish was decent - and for volume, it was definitely worth it - I just ended up craving my Mum's caldereta.

We had petal tea to finish off the meal. If we hadn't had the entree, I would have ordered dessert but as it was, the meal totaled just under $90 for two, which is pretty indulgent.

Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to come back for dessert another day. :-)

Let's do lunch at Wharf Restaurant
Pier 4, Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay
02 9250 1761

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