Good Living Growers' Market @ Pyrmont Bay Park

Saturday, May 05, 2007

This morning, the toddler, the hubby and I went down to the Pyrmont markets to stock up on some much-needed supplies. No photos today--I'm much too pregnant to be worrying about things like that. I had to save my energy for important things. Like walking, for example.

The weather was just gorgeous today, and people flocked to the markets in droves. After being waylaid at the Fine Taste Bowral stall, where I snapped up the last mixed bag of fudge, plus some extra macadamia and caramel fudge for Rob, I hurried over to the Gympie Farm stall to buy some much longed for creme fraiche. It's obviously popular since they've been sold out the last two markets I went to. They've also raised prices to $7, which I didn't even notice until a friend pointed it out to me.

While I was there, I was handed a sample of cheese biscuits by Crooked Creek. The lovely lady handing them out assured me that she made them herself, using cheese, pure butter and some pepper. The toddler and I thought it was fab, and I forked out another $7 for a 125g bag.

Having procured my most important purchases for the day--mushrooms and gingerbread men being nowhere to be found today--the toddler and I wandered around, grabbed the Saturday paper for a dollar, and went sticky-beaking to see what new goodies we could discover.

At the far end, next to the Pastabilities stall, was The Chocolate Source. I picked up a sample of the handmade Belgian truffles and gave the toddler a bite before finishing it off--sooo yum!--and then had a bit of a chat with the stall owner. I wasn't really planning to buy anything, but a few moments later, I turned around to see the toddler with his arm out, offering 50 cents for "more chocolate". Well...I couldn't very well resist after that, could I? So I bought us a small box of Belgian truffles. I think it cost me $10, but I can't remember now, because it was one of those moments when my brain was telling my mouth to ask for the cheapest, smallest product available but my mouth was having none of it and bought something else. At any rate, I'm sure my tummy won't be complaining! :-)

By this time, Rob had managed to find some parking and was lining up rather impatiently at Toby's Estate for a cappuccino. We left him there as, from past experience, I knew it would be a very long wait.

Our next stop was for a bacon and egg roll with chili jam and some fresh mango and peach juice to wash it down with. Rob, the toddler and I had breakfast along the pier, listening to the busker and enjoying the sun. When we'd finished, Rob was still hungry so he made his way over to the pancake stall, leaving me to shop in peace. (Rob's main concern was finding food to eat. Now.)

The toddler and I ambled along the grass, laughing at dogs and pointing at other babies. I picked up a pamphlet from the venison stall so I can pre-order my tapang usa the next time Mum is in the mood to humour me. We picked up some Blue M cranberry & apple chutney and lime butter for the in-laws and some ($15 for both), and after a convincing taste test, I also grabbed some Fig Jam from Rowan Farm.

Rob had had enough by now and the toddler was showing signs of being hungry and sleepy. I just had energy left over to stop by Pat and Stick's for some ice cream sandwiches ($25 for 6). I used to balk at the price of these goodies, but ever since I tried the stuff by Peter's that I picked up at Coles, I'm not skimping on quality anymore! Being the legend that he is, Stick--aided by the lovely Angela, with whom I went to high school--gave me an extra double chocolate sandwich for the twins. W00t! And can I just mention how much I love their new packaging? The individual plastic wrappers are such an improvement in terms of keeping the ice cream sandwiches intact and making them generally easy to eat. It's probably not quite as good for the environment, although I would have to assume that people are also using less tissue--so maybe it all evens out.

Our last stop was the bacon and pork stall, where I picked up some lovely streaky bacon (aka American-style bacon) for $5.60 (526g).

The most expensive purchase of the day? $17 for parking at Star City. *sigh* I can't wait until I can walk to the markets again!

Gympie Farm
23 Windred Lane, Conondale QLD 4552
07 5435 0487

Crooked Creek
Rmb 1900, Ourimbah Creek Road, Palm Grove NSW 2258
02 9901 4821

The Chocolate Source (Jenny)
78 Livingston Street, Marrickville NSW 2204
02 9558 9931

Toby's Estate
129 Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
02 9358 1196
(see the website for more locations)

Blue M
1 Kanimbla Street, Katoomba NSW 2780
02 4782 2650

Rowan Farm
Nowra Road, Fitzroy Falls
02 4887 7307

Pat and Stick's Homemade Ice Cream
PO Box 158, Leichhardt nsw 2040
02 9572 8041

Quality Hams & Bacon
Shop 9, Kurim Shopping Centre, Kurim Ave, Orange NSW 2800
02 6369 1381 or 0419 438 147

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Jam said...

I just returned from a holiday in Sydney and tried Pat & Stick's ice cream sandwich at Paddington market. I devoured the amaretti and coffee one... Was really delish! Too bad I'll probably won't be able to eat it again since I'm now back home, and I also regret not trying out the new flavour (peppermint). Oh well, at least I have the memories.

Kat O+ said...

Do you live interstate? I can ask if they have interstate stockists, if you like. Send me an e-mail if you want me to follow up for you. :-)