Celebrating the new year

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm so stuffed, I can barely write. I've been eating ham and pan de sal for breakfast, three days in a row now. It's so addictive even Jellybean has a bite.

Eating. It's been the story of my week, starting Christmas Eve. I was hoping to lose weight over the holiday...there goes that idea! My Mum gave us an electronic weighing scale for Christmas (mainly for the baby but I'm sure there was a hint there for me) and I'm too scared to buy batteries! Haha...

Speaking of eating, I recently discovered a blog by a fellow Filipino-Australian living in Sydney. If nothing else, the pictures are mouth-watering. I love reading Sydneysiders' blogs so if you know of others (preferrably personal blogs rather than political ones), let me know.

Last week, we attended a cocktail party to celebrate BottlaRed's engagement. It was hosted by her mum and just lovely. BottlaRed wore a sparkly tiara and there were fairy lights shaped into love hearts adorning several bushes (we suspect one or more of her sisters). I had copious amounts of champagne and caught up with old friends. It was very civilised and made me wish I had the kind of family that could behave long enough - and stand up long enough! - to enjoy cocktails.

Instead, I have the kind that needs to have the karaoke machine running and who measures party success based on the amount of food and availability of good seating. Oh, well, at least we never have to splurge on champagne - Coke is de rigueur and that's about it. We're easy to please. :-)

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