Sugar Hit - Sebel Pier One

Friday, October 20, 2006

Actually, this was supposed to be a Park Hyatt Sugar Hit but when I rang to make a reservation, I was told that I didn't need one. "Are you positive?" I asked, not wanting to miss out. I was told that yes, I definitely did NOT need one. So of course, when my friends and I arrived at around 10pm for dessert, I was told they were sold out. And really, no amount of whingeing was going to create three more desserts, just for us.

So we dragged our sugar-deprived bodies across to the Sebel Pier One. They didn't need a reservation. Service was not quite with a smile but hey, they weren't sold out so already our night was improving.

We sat at the lounges as we waited for our sugar hits. In the middle of the floor, there's a large area made of see-through material which allows people to gaze into the running waters below. Rob and BottlaRed (yes, she chose her own pseudonym) pointed out the jellyfish to me and fancied they could see some fish swimming about.

"Hmm, imagine how horrifying it would be to suddenly find a dead body floating in the water," I mused. They looked at me, slightly horrified, but I do think that kind of set up is a bit of a risk. If you've read any decent detective novels lately, you'll know that serial killers like to tie their victims up to those pole things and wait for the high tide to swallow them up. That was the first picture in my head when I looked down.

It took a little while for our desserts to arrive but with BottlaRed getting married in a month, there was plenty of conversation to be had. The Sebel's Sugar Hit is described thus at the GFM site:

Dark chocolate pot with coconut ice cream and champagne strawberries
When I read "dark chocolate pot", I thought of a pot of hot chocolate and was looking forward to cupping this in my hands after the slightly chilly walk from the Park Hyatt. But I soon found out that the description was literally of a pot - well, a small cup - made out of chocolate in which the coconut ice cream sits.

Dark chocolate pot with coconut ice cream and champagne strawberries

I'm not sure why the plate was so big but the poor little pot of ice cream and mound of strawberries seemed dwarfed by big, empty white space.

Sugar Hit on lonely white plate

I'm not a big fan of coconut, so the fact that the coconut ice cream was the piece de resistance didn't do all that much for me. Rob, however, found it delicious. I found the strawberries slightly sour (although Rob claimed his strawberries were sweet) which balanced out the sweetness of the ice cream. The chocolate pot seemed a little pedestrian in the face of these other flavours and was totally overpowered by the ice cream. But maybe I placed too much importance on the chocolate. Maybe it was meant to be more decorative than tasty.

We all had the Orange Muscat Aperitif, which was sweet and delicious. It was a little too sweet for me but my dessert companions loved it.

All in all, it wasn't bad for a back-up hit but I'm definitely looking forward to bigger and better things in the next couple of weeks. Watch me cram sugar into my veins.

Sebel Pier One Sugar Hit
11 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay
8298 9910

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