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Monday, October 23, 2006

My cousin and I had been trying for a couple of weeks now to hook up for a Sugar Hit. So when she told me she was free tonight, I was on the phone to the Sofitel to book us a table. I was no longer to content to leave my sugar cravings to the vagaries of fate. Which was just as well because when we turned up at 8:55pm, the hostess immediately asked if we had a reservation.

"Yes, we do," I smirked. I think we were first. Yay for us! We were seated at a table for two next to the well. Not very picturesque but I guess the better seats were reserved for bigger groups.

Dare I say it but the service at the Sofitel seemed a little...snooty. I'm not sure if the waiter was just very formal or if it's because I was wearing thongs (stylish thongs, mind you - with a long skirt). All the same, I didn't find the service warm and friendly. However, the desserts arrived relatively quickly and, from the way they were being brought out as the night progressed, the Sofitel either had a good assembly line of kitchen elves or they did a good job of preserving pre-prepared plates. And when it comes to dessert, I do value speed much more than friendly smiles.

I picked the Sofitel on purpose to try with my cousin because Rob is not a big chocolate fan and the dessert here was pretty much all chocolate:

Chocolate assiette - a delicious tasting plate consisting of white chocolate crème brulee, Valrhona bitter chocolate parfait and praline and a berry & milk chocolate terrine.
That description brings out all manners of drool in my mouth but does nothing for Rob. Luckily, my cousin is not a chocolate pleb so she was more than happy to try it out. And oh, what joy to have a dining companion who did not mind me taking pictures of the food AT ALL.

Even at first glance, we were not disappointed. No lonely white spaces on this plate.

Sugar Hit @ Sofitel Wentworth - $15

I was fully expecting to love the berry and milk chocolate terrine best but I found the berry just a little bit too sweet and overpowering. I would have preferred an all-chocolate terrine (which might actually just be a mousse, come to think of it).

Berry and milk chocolate terrine

The bitter chocolate parfait was divine but I made the mistake of eating it at the same time as the terrine. Again, the sweetness of the berry layer dulled the richness of the chocolate. In hindsight, I should probably have eated the parfait first.

Valhrona bitter chocolate parfait and praline (left)

And by the way, is it me or do parfaits normally come in a glass? I became very confused when what looked like a parfait tasted like berries and I was expecting bitter chocolate.

Anyway, my cousin and I agreed that we loved the crème brulee best. It was just so tasty and the sweetness was not overpowering. I would have preferred a cracklier crust but honestly, it didn't bother me too much. I could have eaten it all night.

White chocolate crème brulee

We tried to make this Sugar Hit last but alas, family gossip could only extend dessert so far before we found ourselves empty-plated. I gazed longingly at the other tables where people were just about to have their first taste of these yummy concoctions. Even after the last raspberry was consumed, our spoons continued to scrape our plates. At one point I seriously considered licking the decorative chocolate syrup clean. Discreetly, of course.

My cousin, who has been to three Sugar Hits thus far, pronounced the Sofitel's plate the best she's had so far. And I have to say, it's going to be pretty hard to beat.

Sofitel Wentworth Sugar Hit
61-101 Phillip St, Sydney
02 9228 9157

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