Jeff de Bruges

Monday, October 08, 2007

I knew there was a chocolate shop next to the Theatre Royal, but every time I've passed by, I've been too busy to stop. Last week, I had some spare time, and I finally set food inside the Jeff de Bruges store, described on its website thus:

Our delicious chocolates are the result of the knowledge and creativity of a great Belgian chocolatier. Jeff de Bruges chocolates are made from exclusive and elaborate French recipes; smooth and delicate pralines, intense ganaches, light and sophisticated mousses, subtle fillings that make each chocolate an invitation to travel.
There's something about chocolate shops that makes me feel giddy and light-headed. This store was no exception, especially since everything looked so ... pretty!

Beauty (and, I assume, taste) comes with a price, however, and if you're after something quick and disposable, you won't find it here. The Origine Tall Box (pictured above) will set you back $32.30 for 200g.

Since I'd just splurged on lunch, I had to decline, but I window shopped to my heart's content, looking longingly at the spring boxes (pictured right). In the end, I couldn't resist, and I picked up a tin of Chocolat en Poudre--powered vanilla-flavoured chocolate ($20.50 for 215g).

It's looking a bit overcast today. Perfect weather for a quick hot chocolate!

Caraque pyramid - 20pcs for $15.75 or 40pcs for $31.50)

Assorted chocolates

Alas, no chocolate pots. Perhaps they are now extinct.

Jeff de Bruges
106 King St, Sydney
02 9232 3875

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pamtrixia said...

I'd say this is your favourite time of year!

Kat O+ said...

Am I so transparent? :-D

pamtrixia said...

Not at all! I think you hide your true feelings very well! :-P

Francis, Bruges, Belgium said...

'Jeff de Bruges' is part of the Belgian high quality chocolatefactory NEUHAUS. It's a brand they use for mainly franchise stores.