Let's Do Lunch @ Quadrant Restaurant

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Quadrant was an easy pick for my first GFM foray last week. I love choices, and the ones on offer at the Quadrant seemed equally tempting:

Choice of Crispy skin duck breast with duck parfait, sauteed witlof and pink lady apples or Grainfed beef tenderloin with jerusalem artichoke and truffle ravioli, sauteed spinach, red wine sauce or Steamed mulloway, shao xing braised squid, snow pea leaves, xo chilli or Grilled field mushroom topped with persian fetta, spiced eggplant and tomato salsa.

I went to this restaurant last year during GFM, and I was happy with my meal, so this also seemed a safe(ish) bet. Plus, it has stroller access!

It was a beautiful day to go out for lunch, and although Wandergurl and I were seated inside, large windows allowed the sunshine to stream through. We were seated in the middle of the dining area, with plenty of room to park my double stroller.

We were given an appetiser, which was a kind of cheesy, spinachy thing. (I wasn't paying attention--sorry!) It was delicious, and Wandergurl liked the tomato sauce a lot.

Wandergurl ordered the duck with some red wine, while I opted for the tenderloin and a Coke. (I briefly warred with my conscience on consuming alcohol, but to be honest, I just wasn't in the mood.) The waiter warned us that there might be a long wait for my order, and she wasn't kidding. By the time our order came out, the babies were hungry, too, and we had to perform some acrobatics as I finished breastfeeding a baby while trying to enjoy my lunch.

Let's Do Lunch $35

Is it me or does the duck not look particularly crispy? At any rate, Wandergurl seemed to like it, but I was glad I didn't get the same dish as I prefer my duck skin to crackle.

Let's Do Lunch $35

The tenderloin was delicious. It was done just the way I like it (medium), and so soft and tender. The ravioli was okay and complemented the meat well, although at times it seemed overpowering. The spinach was good, with just a hint of bitterness, which means not all of the vitamins had been leeched out of it. That's good for a breastfeeding mum!

The only quibble I have with the set lunches for GFM is that they're usually not enough to fully satisfy. So Wandergurl and I asked for the dessert menu, and when our eyes caught sight of the chocolate pudding (pictured at the top of this post), we were sold.

Chocolate pudding $16

At $16, it was cheaper than this year's Sugar Hits, yet I daresay it could compete with the best of them. The pudding was rich but not overwhelming, and the strawberry sauce was yummy. The ice cream was a little too aromatic, but it was okay in small doses. I also ordered a latte, which didn't make it to our bill. Just as well, though, because it tasted so burnt that I couldn't even finish half a glass.

Nevertheless, it was a lovely lunch.

Let's do lunch at Quadrant Restaurant
Quay Grand Sydney
Level 2, 61 Macquarie St, Sydney
02 9256 4044

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3 sips:

wandergurl said...

the duck was supposed to be crispy? i just thought it was gonna be duck. i like duck with apples or oranges. (see, that's why i wasn't disappointed ha ha ha!)

we must do lunch again. i want to try one with spatchcocks.

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

that dessert plate does look good! the tenderloin sounded fantastic too

Kat O+ said...

Wandergurl - There are a few spatchcocks on the menu, so we can aim for one of those next.

Helen - I had the steak last year, too, and it was just as good.