Something to spruce up the recipe folder

Monday, October 01, 2007

With all the recipes available online, I have bits of paper stuck in my recipe folder, between the pages of cookbooks and magazines, and in random places all over the house (I know this because I always find one or two when I decide to declutter). I think part of my problem--aside from general untidiness--is that printing off a recipe from a website seems so ... disposable. After all, I can always print out another copy, right?

Well, no. First of all, finding the exact recipe again is a feat in itself unless I remember where I got it from. Second, I make annotations on my recipes, and by the time I have the entire thing just right, there are scribbles everywhere. And chocolate skid marks. And oil stains. And god knows what else...

So I stumbled onto Smilebox, which helps create good looking recipe sheets that I won't be (quite so) tempted to toss about willy-nilly. Go try it. It's fun.

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