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Monday, July 09, 2007

Due to the enormous bump in my belly, I missed the Pyrmont markets last month, so I was determined to make the trek last Saturday, weather permitting. And it permitted. In truth, it was a glorious sunny day, and sure enough, the markets were packed. So packed, in fact, that I couldn't whizz around with my stroller--now of the tandem variety--and was reduced to a slow stroll.

I had planned to get to the markets by 8am at the latest. Unfortunately, I fell asleep after the babies' morning feed and sprang up in alarm when Rob informed me that an hour had gone by. I had planned to meet up with BottlaRed, W and Wandergurl, and I cringed everytime I heard the sound of messages arriving in my phone.

I finally arrived, brood in tow, at 9pm. By this time, the markets was teeming with people. I think this was the most crowded I've ever seen it, although there also seemed to be more stalls. We were immediately spotted by BottlaRed and W, who had met each other through a mutual friend. Yes, right there are the markets. And by coincidence, they were meeting up with me to meet their goddaughters-to-be. Talk about a small world!

If there's one thing I learned last Saturday, it's that it's almost impossible to shop quickly with three young children in tow. No, not because of the kids--but because people love to come over and chat, particularly when they spot the twins. After almost half an hour, all I'd managed to pick up was a stick of caramel-macadamia fudge from Fine Taste Bowral. I was ever so thankful when BottlaRed offered to scoot around with the stroller while I purchased some lime butter from Blue M and a second tub of creme fraiche from the Gympie Farms stall (BottlaRed had already bought me one, thinking that it might be sold out by the time I got there).

After more stopping and chatting, the toddler and I looked for gingerbread men but there were none to be found. So we went to The Chocolate Source instead, had us a few samples, and bought a Belgian truffle and a coffee-flavoured chocolate. They didn't last very long.

We went hunting around for Rowan Farm's fig jam. I must have gone around at least twice before I finally spotted their stall, and I ended up buying 3 and pimping it to W. It's great for breakfast with a hot croissant and a dollop of creme fraiche.

The guys at Rowan Farm were also selling large punnets of delicious looking strawberries and I was so very tempted--so very, very tempted--but I'm nowhere near organised enough at home to make any grand plans for them. Maybe next month I'll be ready to experiment with new recipes. And I really want to try the mushrooms and create something special(ish) for Rob.

Finally, it was time to go, but we couldn't leave without picking up some ice cream cookies from Stick and Angela. They had a new mint flavour out, which I've just tried. I'm not a big mint fan myself--and for some reason I expected the ice cream to be green, not white--but it wasn't too bad. The initial mint taste was a little strong, but after a bite or two it was quite refreshing. It's not my favourite, but if you like minty flavours in general then it's worth a try.

It was a beautiful day out and the markets were just bustling with people and pets. I had a camera with me to take pictures, but the battery was flat! Rob parked at Coles this time (free for the first half hour), so we didn't get slugged by parking at the casino. Next month, I'm going to try and walk to the markets so I can savour the sunshine and food just a little more.

The Pyrmont markets are on every first Saturday of the month at Pyrmont Bay Park (Pirrama Road, across from Star City) from 7am until 11am.

Fine Taste Bowral
02 4877 1991 or 02 4861 1367

Gympie Farm
23 Windred Lane, Conondale QLD 4552
07 5435 0487

Blue M
1 Kanimbla Street, Katoomba NSW 2780
02 4782 2650

The Chocolate Source (Jenny)
78 Livingston Street, Marrickville NSW 2204
02 9558 9931

Rowan Farm
Nowra Road, Fitzroy Falls
02 4887 7307

Pat and Stick's Homemade Ice Cream
PO Box 158, Leichhardt nsw 2040
02 9572 8041

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